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I am truly sorry. It was very wrong and stupid of me to write such rude things. I hope you can forgive me, and if not... then that is your problem. Because I know, that if you do not forgive me, then I have done all I can, and that this is now you're problem. If you do forgive me, however, then thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

To the owners of all my bad reviews...

I am still using this account, not that I'm famous enough to say that, but w/e.


2008-11-22 14:48:04 by LightningLloyd

I guess a bunch of guys thought it would be funny if they reported/flagged my kind reviews. Now, granted this happened a while back, but this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated! I mean, sure some of them WERE just plain offensive... but... I mean... come on! Some of them were nice and encouraging! Helpful, even! And the nice ones STILL got flagged! YouTube doesn't do this. When a comment on YT gets marked as spam enough by enough DIFFERENT people, the comment officially gets marked as spam. And even then, the video owner has complete control and last say on everything on the subject or matter! My point is...Newgrounds either needs to increase the amount of people that flag the review or add that as a function for all submissions, both flash and audio.

First Submission

2008-10-29 15:50:40 by LightningLloyd

It's in the "Miscellaneous" section. The name of the submission is "LovelessMisunderstandings Theme" No space between "Loveless" and "Misunderstandings" Just a space between "LovelessMisunderstandings" and "Theme". K thnx bai. :P

EDIT: It hasn't been accepted yet, so yeah. I'm waiting. Newgrounds is a busy site and Tom is a busy person, so I don't think anyone has the right to complain. And if you're reading this Tom... then sorry for sounding like a kiss up. No, seriously. I am. :/

P.S. Also, here is my blog site if you want to learn more about me and the "anime"(it's not anime unless Microsoft Paint%u2122 counts as anime :P). Click here for my blogspot site.